About EduGlobe

EduGlobe is an educational, promotional, training and research consultancy group based in the United Kingdom. The EduGlobe works with selected Universities in the UK and Ireland in a number of educational and research activities. The consultancy group EduGlobe is mainly an educational agent dedicated to helping overseas students on their applications and enrolment in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other European countries higher education system. In this regard, EduGlobe deals with a wide range of Universities and English language centres through which it can ensure a smooth transition of its students from English qualification to a wide range of undergraduate and post graduates programs at the MSc and PhD level in almost all disciplines. EduGlobe is also specialised in organising events for both educational and industrial institutions. Such events are dedicated to promoting and connecting educational and industrial establishments. On the back of this, the EduGlobe provides research consultancies related to science, engineering and technology for the time being. Worth to mention that EduGlobe was established by professional’s persons educated at the PhD level and have excellent experience and understand to the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States educational system. Recognizing the draw-back and level of knowledge of many parties currently operating as educational agents, the founders of EduGlobe realised that there is a gab in providing professional advice to international students than what is currently available, and hence the establishment of educational consultancy group EduGlobe.