Research Consultancy

EduGlobe has a network of academic and industrial companies experts in most if not all science and engineering fields. Through these expert we are able to provide two type of services:

1) Computational and practical solutions for a list of industries and other fields including:
•Oil and gas and other energy sectors
•Renewable energy systems
•Environmental studies and impact assessment
•Aerodynamics and aerospace sciences
•Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning

We can help interested parties in the above fields by conducting professional computational and experimental work that is capable of predicting and providing ultimate solutions to industrial and environmental applications. With us your industry would be kept up to date.

2) Supplying equipment for laboratories: whether it is in the engineering field (mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, automotive, aeronautical or system engineering), we would be able to supply any necessary equipment to make you labratory looks up to date.