Student academic service

EduGlobe has a contract with over 15 Universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As educational consultant committed to helping international students, EduGlobe offer the following services for applicants who come through it.
we offer a range of services for international students that save a lot of time and efforts and guarantee a good offer: 

1. Advice: based on the applicant field, we provide free higher education advice and identify all the options of courses and Universities to which you can be accepted and successfully complete in time on Application Process: We will complete all the necessary forms for the applicant in the most accurate and complete way and hence avoid any delay in the application process. 

 2. Application Tracking: We will follow up and track all applications on daily basis to ensure they have been received and processed by the concerned University and that a decision is made in short time. In some cases we can deliver acceptances in less than 3 days but maximum of one week. 

 3. Advocacy: based on our knowledge and expertise of the UK educational system, we can intervene to improve the chances of getting an acceptance if we feel that a university decision is unfair. 

 4. Professional Advisors: the founders of EduGlobe are professional in the field of education in the UK and Ireland. They would be very happy to chat with applicants on individual basis and offer any advice for free.